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    • AAL COMPLETES US PETROLEUM REFINERY PROJECT USING ITS ASIA-AMERICAS TRADE ROUTE 26 January 2022 - Project heavy lift specialist AAL Shipping (AAL) has delivered 456 metric tonne industrial tower components to the US West Coast.  The cargo was loaded in South Korea onboard the 31,000-deadweight heavy lift AAL Pusan and […]
    • AAL MAKES HISTORY WITH THE ‘ALMA DOEPEL’ 16 December 2021 - In October, AAL Shipping (AAL) freely donated its operational and engineering expertise to help re-launch a historic Australian sailing ship, the Alma Doepel a 118-year-old three-masted topsail schooner that was in dry dock for rebuilding, […]
    • MEET THE AAL EUROPE TEAM! 30 November 2021 - Under the careful stewardship of General Manager Europe, Eike Muentz, the AAL Europe Team has grown exponentially over the past 18 months.  Managing the operations of AAL’s popular ‘Europe – Middle East / India – […]
    • AAL CHINA RAISES MONEY FOR LOCAL UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN 18 November 2021 - The staff of AAL China – its Shanghai, Beijing and Qingdao offices – have raised money through sponsorship of physical training activity for the Labu Hope Primary School in Yongning Town, Lijiang City in the […]
    • AAL MOVES HEAVY LIFT CARGO FOR AUSTRALIA’S FIRST-EVER ‘WASTE TO ENERGY’ (WTE) PLANT 16 November 2021 - At the end of September 2021, the 19,000dwt heavy lift multipurpose vessel, the AAL Nanjing, loaded four large chimney sections, with a combined weight of close to 500 metric tonnes and 6,000 cubic metres in […]
    • ILUKA IS TEAMING UP WITH MACA CANCER 200 15 November 2021 - Team Iluka, proudly sponsored for the second year-running by AAL Shipping (AAL), completed the 2021 ‘MACA Cancer 200 Ride for Research’ cycling challenge in Western Australia.  The ride is a 2-day cycling event over Saturday […]
    • MEET THE AAL AUSTRALIA TEAM! 8 November 2021 - Since 1995, the AAL Australia team has spearheaded multipurpose heavy lift cargo services in the region, building and operating a scheduled monthly liner trade between Australia and Asia that has served mining, oil and gas, […]
    • AAL JOINS SHIPPING AUSTRALIA LTD (SAL) 4 November 2021 - Shipping Australia Ltd (SAL) is an association that represents Australia’s international ocean shipping industry, with membership comprising shipping companies, shipping agents and towage providers – a collection of top companies that employ more than 3,000 […]
    • AAL DELIVERS 680MT OF BUOYS OFF-SHORE IN PERSIAN GULF 2 November 2021 - The 31,000dwt ‘mega-size’ heavy lift vessel, AAL Kobe, recently transported two heavy lift single-point mooring (SPM) Buoys along AAL Shipping’s (AAL) ‘Europe – Middle East / India – Asia Monthly Liner Service’ (EUMEIA), from Jebel […]
    • AAL WINS ‘BEST SHIPPING LINE’  AT AFLAS AWARDS! 27 October 2021 - AAL Shipping (AAL) is proud to have been crowned ‘Best Shipping Line – Project Cargo 2021’ at the prestigious Asian Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain (AFLAS) awards. More than 15,000 readers of Asia Cargo News […]
    • AAL ANNOUNCES 194,000 DWT IN ACQUISITIONS & NEWBUILDING 26 October 2021 - Specialist heavy lift project carrier, AAL Shipping (AAL) has acquired two heavy lift ‘mega-size’ 33,000dwt W-Class multipurpose vessels (MPVs) from the second-hand market, the ‘AAL Mars’ and the ‘AAL Merkur’. The vessels have been serving […]
    • ‘WALLEM KOREA’ NEW S-KOREA COMMERCIAL REPRESENTATIVE 26 July 2021 - AAL Shipping (AAL) has appointed local Busan-based multipurpose and project heavy lift specialist, Wallem Korea, as its exclusive commercial and port agency representative in South Korea with immediate effect.  The Agency is part of the […]
    • AAL DELIVERS 4 RTGs TO PORT OF OSLO 13 July 2021 - This Summer, AAL Shipping (AAL) delivered four of the largest rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) in the carrier’s history to the Port of Oslo (Oslo Havn KF), Norway. These new generation mobile units, measuring 36 m […]
    • YACHTS, CRANES, TRANSFORMERS, DREDGERS, BASKETS & MORE! 14 June 2021 - Valentine’s Day 2021, the AAL Kembla set sail from Rotterdam on a voyage from Europe, through the Persian Gulf and onto Shanghai in China – as one of six 31,000dwt A-Class heavy lift multipurpose vessels […]
    • AAL LIFTS ITS SAFETY AND OPERATIONS STANDARDS TO NEW LEVELS 25 May 2021 - AAL Shipping (AAL) has successfully achieved latest 2020 IMO Intact Stability Code standards with its heavy lift cargo handling procedures and new levels of sailings efficiency and safety through its ground-breaking ‘Performance Optimisation Control Room’ […]
    • PARCELLING ON THE PACIFIC! 21 April 2021 - AAL demonstrated the lifting and cargo intake capability of its mega-size A-Class fleet and parcelling capabilities of its ‘Asia – Americas Trade Lane’ chartering team with the transport of a heavy lift barge from Taicang, […]
    • AAL EXPANDS FLEET WITH TWO MORE ‘G-CLASS’ HL MPVs 8 March 2021 - AAL Shipping (AAL) is taking delivery of two additional ‘G-Class’ multipurpose heavy lift vessels, expanding its core fleet to 720,200 total deadweight (DWT). The Pacific Action and AAL Gladstone have both served in the AAL […]
    • AAL JOINS BREAKBULK SHIPPING PANEL FOR JOC WEBCAST 3 March 2021 - AAL Managing Director, Kyriacos Panayides, will be participating in the upcoming JOC Webcast ‘Breakbulk Shipping: The MPP Fleet Prepares for The Global Energy Transition’ on 25 March 2021 at 11 AM.  After weathering an utterly […]
    • BAF & CONGESTION SURCHARGE – ‘EU-ME/IN-ASIA LINER SERVICE’ 1 March 2021 - Dear Customers, Following a change in bunkering costs within our trading area, we are adjusting the Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) surcharge across our ‘Europe – Middle East – Asia Liner Services’. The BAF surcharges are […]
    • LONG-TERM MONTHLY ‘ASIA – AMERICAS’ TRAMP SAILINGS 17 February 2021 - AAL Shipping (AAL) is capitalising on the frequency of sailings it has operated in the past 12 months between Asia and the Americas, to commit tonnage and resources to strengthening the trade lane going forward […]
    • AAL COMMITS LONG-TERM TO EU-ME/IN-ASIA SERVICE 1 February 2021 - AAL Shipping (AAL) is marking the one-year anniversary of its ‘Europe – Middle East / India – Asia Monthly Liner Service’ with a long-term commitment to employing six ‘mega size’ (30,000+ DWT) heavy lift multipurpose […]
    • AAL TRANSPORTS 22,400CBM FOR ELIWANA MINE & RAIL PROJECT 18 November 2020 - Global project heavy lift carrier AAL Shipping (AAL) recently delivered 22,400cbm of stacker reclaimer components from Dalian in North East China to Port Hedland in Western Australia. The cargo, destined for the Fortescue Metals Group’s […]
    • AAL WINS BEST PROJECT CARGO CARRIER 2020 AWARD! 11 November 2020 - At the 2020 Asian Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain (AFLAS) Awards in Hong Kong on Monday 9th November – an event attended by some of the biggest players in the Asian freight and logistics industry […]
    • AUSTRALIAN PORT SERVICE CHARGE NOTICE 9 November 2020 - 09.11.20 AUSTRALIAN PORT SERVICE CHARGE NOTICE AAL Asia – Australia East-Coast & West-Coast Liner Services Dear Customers, Following a change in cargo handling costs within our trading area, we are adjusting the Australian Port Service […]
    • AAL DUBAI MARKS ANNIVERSARY WITH MONTHLY MPP SAILINGS 27 October 2020 - October 2015 marked the official launch of the specialist heavy lift project cargo and breakbulk carrier AAL’s Middle East Hub Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Today, despite one of the most challenging periods […]
    • AUSTRALIAN PORT SERVICE CHARGE NOTICE 7 September 2020 - 04.09.20 Dear Customers, Following a change in cargo handling costs within our trading area, we are adjusting the Australian Port Service Charge & Destination Container Port Service Charge across our ‘Asia-Australia East & West Coast […]
    • TWO SIEMENS GENERATORS FOR EU & IRAQ POWER PLANTS 2 July 2020 - The ‘mega-size’ heavy lift multipurpose vessel (MPV), AAL Singapore, transported two Siemens generators with a combined weight of almost 700mt for two separate gas-fired power plants in Europe and Iraq that will help to generate […]
    • HOW ‘A-BOAT’ THAT! 38 YACHTS IN A SINGLE SAILING 8 June 2020 - ‘MEGA SIZE’ MPV AAL MELBOURNE TRANSPORTS 38 YACHTS ON DECK FROM US TO EUROPE Award-winning multipurpose and project heavy lift carrier AAL Shipping, in partnership with Peters & May, has successfully transported 38 private yachts […]
    • BAF – EUROPE-MIDDLE EAST/INDIA-ASIA LINER SERVICE 25 January 2022 - Dear Customers, Following a change in bunkering costs within our trading area, we are adjusting the Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) surcharge for Breakbulk Cargo on our ‘Europe – Middle East / India – Asia Liner Service’ […]
    • AUSTRALIAN TERMINAL CONGESTION SURCHARGE 14 January 2022 - AAL Asia – Australia East-Coast & West-Coast Liner Services Dear Customers, AAL has been providing reliable and regular shipping services from Asia to Australia for over 25 years and is continuing to do so even […]


    AAL is a multiple award-winning global ocean transport operator that has, for over 20 years, served the breakbulk, heavy lift and project cargo industry. A member of the prestigious Schoeller Holdings Group, we draw upon a distinguished shipping pedigree that has seen us grow into one of the world’s largest multipurpose operators.

    Our customers represent industries like energy, oil & gas, mining, forestry, leisure, agriculture and construction – and our vision is to be the best at what we do and create sustainable growth and an unparalleled reputation, built on trust and service.

    In 2016, AAL was awarded: ‘Breakbulk Operator of the Year 2016’ (Global Freight Awards), ‘Excellence in Project Cargo Shipping 2016’ (Australia Shipping Awards), ‘Best Project Cargo Shipping 2016’ (AFLAS Awards).

    In 2017, AAL won the prestigious AFLAS Award once again, for excellence in global project shipping: ‘Best Project Cargo Shipping 2017’ and ‘Best Logistics 2017’ at the Lloyd’s List Asia Pacific Awards.

    In 2018, AAL retained the AFLAS Award: ‘Best Project Cargo Shipping 2018’.

    In 2019, we beat out stiff competition to retain the AFLAS Award: ‘Best Project Cargo Shipping 2019’ and have added to this with the highly prestigious ‘Shipping Line of the Year 2019’ honour at the inaugural HLPFI Heavy Lift Awards in Antwerp.

    In 2020 and 2021, AAL maintained excellence and was once again awarded the AFLAS Award: ‘Best Project Cargo Shipping’.



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