AAL Shipping (AAL) is taking delivery of two additional ‘G-Class’ multipurpose heavy lift vessels, expanding its core fleet to 720,200 total deadweight (DWT). The Pacific Action and AAL Gladstone have both served in the AAL fleet in the past and re-join later this month – the former renamed this week, ‘AAL Gibraltar’.  These versatile and relatively young vessels feature a total cargo intake of 35,705 cubic meters, four large cargo holds, three tweendecks and a maximum lift capacity of 240 tonnes – ideal for trading all manner of project heavy lift, breakbulk, steel and dry bulk commodities.   They join one of the sector’s largest and youngest fleets that already consists of two sister vessels, AAL Genoa and Pacific Alert (TBN AAL Galveston) and will operate worldwide in support of AAL’s well established monthly liner services, regular trade routes and tailormade tramp chartering solutions.

Kyriacos Panayides, Managing Director of AAL, commented, ‘We are delighted to have secured these vessels. Large heavy lift multipurpose ships of this calibre and lifting capability represent a small fraction of the global MPP fleet and AAL is uniquely well experienced in optimising their operations and harnessing their strengths in order to generate value for our customers’ global trading demands. They will add much needed capacity to a portfolio of multipurpose shipping services that have grown exponentially over the past 12 months.’

‘Since February 2020, we have built a scheduled monthly liner service between Europe, Middle East and Asia, a regular monthly tramp service between Asia and the Americas and frequent sailings from Asia to Europe – all this in addition to our Asia- Australia Liner Services and global Tramp Chartering operations. It has been an extremely busy and sustained period of growth for AAL and these new ladies will help to drive that momentum forward.’

Marc Willim, General Manager of AAL’s Chartering Team, added, ‘The G-Class are large 25,800 dwt MPVs, that complement our fleet profile. Global trading is only now emerging from the negative impact of COVID and also important multipurpose cargo sectors like oil and gas are still pressured.  However, there is growing optimism and the recent surges in the container and commodity markets have demonstrated the importance of being flexible and ready to serve cargo demand and from wherever it may come.

‘We are seeing market economies begin to strengthen and rebuild in confidence across Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Americas and trade war machinations of 2020 resolve. Energy, steel, infrastructure, bulk and general cargoes are all trading worldwide. Carriers like AAL, that have the expertise, trade route infrastructure and fleet capability to parcel these big and small cargoes on the same sailings and deliver worldwide will be in a position to offer shippers timely solutions and highly competitive economies of scale.’


AAL Managing Director, Kyriacos Panayides, will be participating in the upcoming JOC Webcast ‘Breakbulk Shipping: The MPP Fleet Prepares for The Global Energy Transition’ on 25 March 2021 at 11 AM. 

After weathering an utterly unpredictable 2020, the multipurpose and heavy-lift fleet is charting its 2021 course ahead of an energy transition that will require rethinking many long-held assumptions. Last year kicked off with IMO 2020 and a major bankruptcy — Zeamarine — in the MPP sector; no one could have foreseen that these issues would quickly become secondary as COVID-19 and the resulting crash in oil prices upended the global economy. A “green recovery” is now accelerating the global push to decarbonize energy sources, but what does this mean for project and breakbulk carriers? What can shippers and service providers expect to see in terms of trade lanes, available capacity, and freight rates from MPP carriers? This webcast will open with a fleet overview and be followed by a discussion of the sector’s outlook with executives from dominant MPP players.

For more information on the JOC webcast, and to register for FREE, click here.


Dear Customers,

Following a change in bunkering costs within our trading area, we are adjusting the Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) surcharge across our ‘Europe – Middle East – Asia Liner Services’.

The BAF surcharges are as follows:

  • Breakbulk: USD 15.00 per RT
  • Containers*:           
    • USD 225.00 per TEU
    • USD 450.00 per FEU

Due to increased waiting time we implement the following congestion surcharges on our liner trade:

  • Breakbulk: USD 3.00 per RT
  • Containers:           
    • USD 50.00 per TEU
    • USD 100.00 per FEU

The above surcharges will come into effect from 1st March 2021.

We are monitoring bunker prices closely and will advise you of any further changes affecting surcharges. Please do not hesitate to contact your AAL representative any for further information. In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support.

Whilst writing we also take the opportunity on behalf of the whole company to wish you, your colleagues and families well during these extremely challenging times. Keep safe everyone.


AAL Management Team