March 21, 2015 Editor


AAL Galveston has joined AAL’s fleet on long-term time charter, to add capacity to its Tramp and Projects division – providing worldwide trade for customers, with a specific focus on EU and US trades.

Namir Khanbabi, Managing Director of AAL’s Tramp and Projects Division said, “The AAL Galveston increases our service capabilities and options, in support of a highly diversified customer base and our strategy to continue to build it even further,”

AAL Galveston is a multipurpose, heavy lift ‘Super A-Class’ vessel, which AAL has re-classified under its own fleet classification criteria, to ‘G-Class’. At 160 meters in length and 25,800 dwt, she is highly versatile and robust, with a combined lifting capacity of 240 mt and large, strengthened cargo holds.

Khanbabi added, “We have seen growth in some core industry sectors, particularly renewables, where logistics challenges have become greater – as components get larger and more complex to transport – and ports of loading and discharge more globally widespread. These factors demand solutions than can ensure cargo safety and project efficiency – expertise which AAL has a 20-year reputation of providing.”