May 12, 2015 Editor


Today, we officially announced the launch of a new global cooperation with Peter Döhle. From June onwards, we will share our 80 years combined experience, resources and hardware across the world with Peter Döhle, to offer joint tramp & project services to the global market in an aim to deliver even higher levels of efficiency, care and competitive advantage to our customers.

Our organisations will remain independent of each other, with separate ownership, operations and identities. Instead, across a number of key trades between Asia, Europe and the Americas, we will deploy and jointly represent the market’s youngest fleet of 26 multi-purpose heavy-lift vessels and provide tailor-made tramp and project solutions to major industry sectors.

Our MD, Kyriacos Panayides, commented, “With Peter Döhle, we share those synergies that are crucial ingredients in building a long and mutually beneficial relationship, namely: our shared multipurpose sector expertise; our aligned ethics & culture; our service philosophy and our ambition for the sustainable growth & success of our respective organisations.

‘We will combine our resources, teams and hardware to create a dynamic and competitive presence in the global multipurpose market, enabling us to not only meet the needs of our growing customer base, but to also become the preferred carrier for major new projects.’

AAL will share operational responsibilities with Peter Döhle – with AAL handling operations East of Suez and the Americas and Peter Döhle overseeing activity in Europe and Africa. Our combined fleet of owned and chartered-in tonnage features seven modern and highly diverse classes of multipurpose heavy lift vessels – ranging from 12,000, to 31,000 dwt – and offering optimal lift and space and the highest levels of equipment specification.

We will be jointly exhibiting at the Breakbulk Europe Expo 2015 taking place in Antwerp between 20-21 May 2015, on stand no. 503H4.