About AAL Shipping

Founded in the Netherlands in 1995 and since 2009 headquartered in Singapore, AAL is an award-winning global multipurpose shipping operator that has served the project heavy lift, breakbulk and dry bulk sectors for 25 years.

We offer our customers a unique ‘total’ multipurpose shipping solution, comprising THREE distinct service models: Chartering Solutions deliver tailor-made and competitive chartering options for any cargo type and to any compass point on a spot, or long-term engagement basis. Liner Services provide scheduled and regular sailings that connect the main ports of Asia Pacific and Oceania and Europe across to Asia. Our growing portfolio of Fixed Trade Route Services combine fixed-routes with highly flexible port calls on trades between Asia, Middle East, the Americas and Europe.

About Alireza

The House of Alireza, started in 1845 is the oldest family business in Saudi Arabia. Its founder, Zainal Alireza, began trading from Jeddah in 1845 with the importation of foodstuffs, textiles and other merchandise from around the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. These activities were later complemented by the acquisition of agencies of the shipping lines that carried these commodities. Business prospered, and the Company continued its development into the twentieth century.

In 1929, the business was retitled Haji Abdullah Alireza and Company. The emergence of a strong, united Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the resultant opening of its doors to Western trade in the 1930s, found the House of Alireza ready for its own participation. From that time onward, the Company’s growth parallels the modern history of Saudi Arabia in its multi-faceted progression. The Company’s involvement in the shipping industry dates back over a century. The Company has owned, managed and operated passenger ships. Through the years, it has held agencies for a number of international shipping lines.


  • Chartering Solutions
  • Fixed Trade Route Services
  • Liner Services

Our Chartering Solutions provide customers with seamless and tailor-made global shipping services, that stretch way beyond existing liner routes. Drawing upon the company’s 20-year expertise in handling and transporting breakbulk and heavylift cargo for some of the world’s biggest and most demanding industry sectors, we ensure maximum safety and optimum efficiency on every sailing.

These services harness AAL’s owned heavy lift, multipurpose vessels and chartered-in external tonnage and undertake voyages to a vast number of ports around the world – transporting high- value cargo for industries including oil & gas, construction, wind energy, agriculture and leisure.

  • Reliable services, connecting key markets, including: Asia-Americas; Asia-Europe; Atlantic
  • Regular and scheduled sailings frequency
  • Highly flexible & tailor-made port calls (POL & POD)
  • Diverse mpp fleet that can safely load and transport any cargo type
  • Trusted, market-leading & award winning carrier

Our Chartering Solutions division operates a growing portfolio of fixed trade route sailings. These unique services provide the assurance of regular monthly sailings on key trades and the convenience of highly flexible port calls (POL & POD) – calling at the ports you want.


AAL operates a regular and dedicated Liner Services division, that connects Asia with Australia (East and West Coast) and Europe with Asia. Currently, our three scheduled liner services are:

  • Asia – East Coast Australia (AUEC Service)
  • North & South East Asia – West Coast Australia Service (AUWC Service)
  • Europe – Middle East/India – Asia Monthly Liner Service

Utilising the market’s youngest and most advanced fleet of heavy lift multipurpose vessels and covering a large number of base ports, AAL can accommodate the transportation demands of a wide range of break bulk, heavy lift and project cargo.

Sailing Schedules & Positions



Fleet & Cargo Profile




04 May, 2022

Between February and July 2022, AAL Shipping (AAL) is operating a series of shipments between...

05 Mar, 2022

AAL ASIA - AUSTRALIA EAST-COAST & WEST-COAST LINER SERVICES Dear Customers,  Following a change in...

04 Mar, 2022

BRISBANE PORT CLOSURE Dear Customers, Due to the recent weather events in Brisbane and in...


AAL Kobe – Discharging RTGs in Felixstowe

AAL Dalian – Loading Sugar Beet Pulp in Adabiya

AAL Hong Kong – Discharging Wind Cargo in Burnie

AAL Pusan – Loading Modules in Nantong, China

AAL Dalian – Discharging Transformer in Geelong from Shanghai

AAL Brisbane – Loading Pipes in Singapore for Bahrain

AAL Kembla – Loading Mixed Heavy-lift Units including Stator Unit in Shanghai for Cilacap

AAL Bangkok – Discharging Steel Pipes in Darwin from Baoshan

AAL Fremantle – Discharging Railway Equipment in Singapore from Nansha, China

Warnow Mars – Discharging 30 units of Windmill Tower Sections (75t) in San Diego

AAL Dalian – Loading 5 sets of Wind Cargoes in Shanghai and 2 Yachts in Singapore destined for Izmir, Turkey

AAL Shanghai – Loading 2 yachts in Kaohsiung destined for Brisbane

AAL Pusan – Loading 3 Block Units in Zhangzhou, China for Singapore

AAL Kobe – Discharging Windmill Towers in San Diego from Pohang

AAL Singapore – Loading Railway Cars and Windmill Blades in China destined for Australia

AAL Melbourne – Discharging Pontoon ((30.05 x 16.32 x 3.25m, 140t) in Brisbane from Shanghai

AAL Kobe – Discharging Dragline Centre Pintle in Gladstone

10 sets of Windmill Towers Discharging in Longview

AAL Newcastle – Discharging RTGs in Damietta

AAL Shanghai – Loading 2 Transformers (100t & 105t) in Rizhao, destined for Melbourne

AAL Shanghai – Discharging Yacht in Brisbane

Warnow Jupiter – Discharging 9 units of Brewery Tanks (L32.21x W6.38xH6.71m, 57t each) in Altamira, Mexico from Luojing in Shanghai

AAL Brisbane Loading 480t Transformer (12.6×8.1×7.75m) in Yokohama, Japan, destined for Port Kelang, Malaysia

32m Luxury Super-Yacht (105t) discharging in Newcastle, Australia

AAL Newcastle – Loading Liebherr Crane (440MT) in Australia

AAL Hongkong – Discharging Transformer in Townsville, Australia from Shanghai, China

AAL Newcastle – Discharging Rolling Stock in Australia

AAL Singapore – Discharging Passenger Bridges in Miami

AAL Dampier – Loading Autoclaves in Shanghai, destined for Surabaya

Warnow Merkur – Discharging 9 Sets of 135m Towers in Makassar, Indonesia

AAL Newcastle – Discharging 42 Windmill Blades (17.57mt and 58m height) in Galveston, Texas

AAL Melbourne – Discharging 230mt HEX Box and 340mt Recti Box in Point Comfort, Texas

AAL Dalian – Wind Energy – Discharging 51 Giant Windmill Blades in Corpus Christi, USA

AAL Shanghai – Discharging Structural Steel and Gantry Sections in Melbourne

AAL Singapore – Discharging Bridge Leaf, OCD Panels and Accessories at Ogden Point, Victoria BC

AAL Hongkong – Discharging Aeroplane Boarding Bridges in Melbourne

AAL Brisbane – Discharging of RTGs in Veracruz

AAL Singapore – Loading Bridge Leaf and OSD Panels with accessories in Shanghai, Luojing Terminal

Paris Trader – AAL’s W-class Vessel: Loading a Large Cargo of Dismantled Gas Plant Components in Kemaman Port, Malaysia

Warnow Jupiter – AAL’s W-class Vessel: Discharging of Windmill Towers in Tandem Lift

AAL Dampier Delivers 13 Monster Trucks (160mt each) to Nakhodka in Russia

AAL Dampier Loading Giant Haul Trucks in Bunbury Port, AUS

AAL’s 31,000dwt ‘AAL Brisbane’ loading HRSG Modules in Penglai and destined for Sokhna

AAL Fremantle – Discharging Hopper in Townsville, Australia

AAL Dampier – Loading Amine Contactor and Amine Stripper in Shanghai, China

AAL Dampier – Discharging ESP module in Port Pirie, Australia

AAL Dalian – Discharging Yacht in Nanaimo, Canada

AAL Dampier – Loading in Masan

AAL Dampier – Loading Topside Modules Structures in Map Ta Phut, Thailand

AAL Fremantle – Loading Mobile Harbour Cranes in Rostock, Germany

AAL Fremantle – Discharge Mobile Harbour Cranes in Cotonou, Benin

AAL Singapore – Loading Unassembled Shiploader in Shanghai, China

AAL Singapore – Discharge Unassembled Shiploader in Vancouver, Canada

AAL Nanjing – Barangaroo Ferry Hub Terminal Project, Sydney, Australia

AAL Hong Kong – 3rd Loading Automated Stacking Cranes in Shanghai, China

AAL Hong Kong – 3rd Discharge of Automated Stacking Cranes in Melbourne, Australia

AAL Kobe – Discharging Pipe Racks in Guanta

AAL Hong Kong – loading Automated Stacking Cranes in Shanghai, China

AAL Dalian – Discharging Structural Steel in Port Hedland, Australia

AAL Nanjing – Transportation of ACC Unit (410MT) from Changshu to Port Hedland

AAL Hong Kong – Discharge of Buses in Melbourne, Australia

AAL Brisbane – Transportation of Process Modules from Mokpo to Prince Rupert

AAL Hong Kong – Discharge of Reclaimer in Newcastle, Australia

AAL Melbourne – Discharging Steel Structures and Barge in Canada and US

AAL Hong Kong – Discharge of Yachts in Brisbane, Australia

AAL Nanjing – Loading Spur Racks in Yulchon, South Korea

AAL Bangkok – Modules from Sharjah to Kitimat

AAL Dampier – Shiploader from Qidong to Newcastle

AAL Kembla – WTG Sets from Bayuquan to Sagunto

AAL Melbourne – Wind Blades and Towers from Shanghai to Saldanha Bay

AAL Shanghai – Gantry Crane from Shanghai to Vancouver

AAL Hong Kong – Loading Logs in Vancouver

AAL Hongkong – Discharging Structural Steel Cargo in Melbourne

AAL Melbourne – Loaded barges in Shanghai and discharged in Townsville

AAL Delivers for Major Offshore Oil Production Project

Heavy Lift and Project Cargo

Wind Energy Equipment

Earthmoving Equipment and Rolling Stock

Floating Cargo

Breakbulk and Unitised Cargo

A-Class Vessels

S-Class Vessels

W-Class Vessels

G-Class Vessels

M-Class Vessels

AAL in 180 Seconds!
AAL Melbourne in Southampton with 38 Yachts on Deck!
AAL Dampier – Loading Petrochemical Plant Components in Pyeongtaek
AAL Shanghai – Discharging Yachts in Brisbane
AAL Kobe – Discharging RTGs in Felixstowe
AAL Delivers TBMs For Major Aussie Metro Projects
A Carrier Powered by Partnerships. A Cargo Powered by Wind
See the AAL Kobe (31,000 dwt, A-class MPV) in action, transporting pipe racks to the Port of Guanta.
AAL Pusan – Loaded 22 Petrochemical Modules in Nantong, Discharged in Point Comfort and Bayport
AAL Dalian – Discharging Transformer and Other Components in Semarang from Shanghai
AAL delivers tunnel boring machine Kathleen to Sydney in February 2019 – the last of five mega borers for the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project
AAL Kembla – Loading mixed heavy-lift cargo including Stator unit in Shanghai for Cilacap
AAL uses ‘Vaculift’ Technology, in Aussie First
AAL Delivers for Major Offshore Oil Production Project
Warnow Merkur – Loading Oil Rig Components in Tianjin
AAL Energises The Global Wind Energy Sector
AAL and AGL Silverton Wind Farm Project
AAL Singapore – Discharging Passenger Bridges in Miami
AAL Brisbane – Loading 480t Transformer (12.6×8.1×7.75m) in Yokohama, Japan
AAL Kobe – Discharging 3 Yachts (48.5t) in Melbourne from Cape Town
AAL Melbourne – Discharging Windmill Blades in Adelaide
AAL Singapore – Transported Dismantled Dump Trucks (32 BB units, about 1,386mt)
AAL Newcastle – Discharging Windmill Blades in Adelaide
Warnow Merkur – Discharging 9 Sets of Towers in Makassar, Indonesia
AAL Brisbane – Loading Steel Coated Pipes for Santos GLNG Project in Brisbane, Australia
AAL Delivers For LPL & Siemen’s Megaproject 2016/17
AAL Singapore – Discharging Bridge Leaf, OCD Panels and Accessories at Ogden Point, Victoria BC
Warnow Jupiter – AAL’s W-class Vessel: Discharging of Windmill Towers in Tandem Lift
Paris Trader – AAL’s W-class Vessel: Loading a Large Cargo of Dismantled Gas Plant Components in Kemaman Port, Malaysia
AAL Singapore – Loading Bridge Leaf and OSD Panels with accessories in Shanghai, Luojing Terminal
AAL Dampier – Loading a 240mt Haul Truck in Bunbury, Australia
AAL Delivers 13 Monster Trucks (160mt each) to Nakhodka in Russia
AAL’s 31,000dwt ‘AAL Brisbane’ loading HRSG Modules in Penglai and destined for Sokhna
Blue Water Features AAL Services In Corp. Video
EPS Module in Port Pirie
4 ASC units – Victoria International Container Terminal
Convoy – Viterra Ship loader (Interview with Jean Yi, May 2016)
Timelapse Convoy – Viterra, discharge mobile ship loader components (May 2016)
AAL Singapore, loading mobile ship loader components in Shanghai (March 2016)
Live project cargo footage compilation
AAL’s Core Values
AAL & Kuehne & Nagel – Shipping Heavy Lift Cargo
AAL Dampier Transports Big Shiploader
AAL Kembla Carrying Wind Energy Equipment
AAL Bangkok Carrying Modules
AAL A-Class Vessel Promotional Video
AAL Shipping (AAL) Transporting 45 Yachts
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