AAL has grown into one of the world’s leading multipurpose shipping operators, serving the breakbulk, heavy lift and project cargo sector. Our office network stretches across the world and this infrastructure and our portfolio of services is constantly reviewed, to ensure that we maintain optimum levels of efficiency and service quality for our growing customer base.

We are always looking for driven individuals to join our expanding team worldwide. Therefore, we invite you to review our current vacancies and apply, should your experience and skills be aligned with our respective job requirements.

Dear Candidates,

Thank-you for your interest in AAL and we wish you the best of luck with your job application. As a first step, we kindly advise you to please read through the following passage.

Your privacy and security throughout a job application is important to us. We understand that spotting a genuine job offer can sometimes be a challenging task due to scammers, so below is a guide to help you identify if a job opportunity is genuine.

  • Verify the job posting: Cross-check our job postings on reputable job portals, or our official website. Scammers often copy legitimate job ads and make minor modifications. Look out for any inconsistencies, spelling errors, or poor grammar. We take great care to ensure our postings are accurate and error-free.
  • Contact information: Our job postings include valid contact details such as a professional email address, telephone number, or physical address. Please confirm that the spelling of the provided URL is always and verify that it leads you to our company website. All AAL emails end with “”.
  • Professional communication: We communicate with candidates in a professional manner. Our emails and other forms of correspondence maintain a professional tone. We strive to make our messages clear and personalised.
  • Clear job requirements and qualifications: We provide specific and reasonable job requirements and qualifications and ensure our criteria align with industry standards. Be cautious of any offers that seem too good to be true or that require minimal effort.
  • Formal interview process: We conduct a formal interview process to select candidates. We value the opportunity to connect with you and learn more about your skills and qualifications. If you encounter an offer without an interview stage, or with an unconventional interview process, please exercise caution.
  • No financial requests: We never ask candidates to pay fees, or provide financial information and bank details, during the hiring process.
  • Protecting your personal information: We prioritise the protection of your personal information and handle all data with the utmost confidentiality. We only request necessary information for the hiring process and maintain strict security measures to safeguard your privacy.

We want you to feel confident and informed when considering an AAL job offer. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our HR Department to verify the authenticity of either a job vacancy or offer.

By sending your resumé to AAL, you are deemed to have read and agree to our Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice and Consent.

Best regards,

Human Resources Department
AAL Shipping (AAL)

For a full list of open global job positions at AAL Shipping (AAL), please visit AAL’s HR platform (powered by brioHR).


Kindly note that for enquiries about jobs and careers at sea, please contact directly our Crew Manager, Columbia Shipmanagement.



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