Loading, stowing, transporting and discharging breakbulk and project heavy lift cargo is a complex operation, requiring considerable technical and engineering expertise, as well as specialised hardware and equipment. We pride ourselves on having built a reputation, within the world’s most dynamic industry sectors. as a trusted and preferred carrier and known for delivering optimum cargo care.

To ensure that all cargo is handled safely and efficiently, we invest in and maintain specialised lifting equipment and the world’s finest training for our technical teams. We further appoint cargo superintendents, at every port, to supervise all aspects of our in-port operations and work closely with dedicated cargo surveyors, at loading and discharge points, to maintain the integrity of our customers’ cargo.

At every compass point, these complex operations are overseen and guided by our global network of offices and agents, working 24/7. We provide our customers with the timing, efficiency and safety they demand, as well as the transparency and communication they need.


The safe and efficient loading and transportation of heavy lift and project cargo – much of which forms intricate parts of multi-billion dollar projects – takes great precision and control. Our commercial and engineering professionals know the demands of our customers’ businesses, the value of their cargo and the importance of timing, accuracy and transparency – thus ensuring that their expectations and deadlines are met. In addition, our owned and chartered in vessels have been painstakingly designed and equipped to accurately lift, stow and transport all manner of heavy lift and project cargo and for the world’s most dynamic and demanding industries. With this hardware and expertise at every level, we execute complex stowage and securing plans that insure the safest possible transit of cargo, vessel and crew from port to port.

For 2 decades, AAL has built a growing reputation as the market’s preferred breakbulk carrier, constantly looking to raise our service standards and technological specifications to offer a competitive advantage to our customers from global industries such as the steel industry, mining, agriculture, oil and gas, energy, construction and leisure. Our fleet of versatile multipurpose vessels, with their cargo hold configuration and flexible segregation design, are ideal for ensuring the safe stowage of all manner of breakbulk and unitised cargo. Each year, via our ‘Liner Services’ and ‘Tramp & Projects’ teams, AAL safely carries millions of tons of non-containerised cargo across the globe, ensuring that our customer demands are professionally & safely accommodated at every compass point.

Over the past 15 years, wind power energy has multiplied exponentially in its global coverage and importance to both the environment and the world economy. AAL has become the carrier of choice for this industry’s majors, with a wealth of experience in the carriage and handling of over-dimensional wind turbine equipment. We offer the flexibility to serve remote ports, to ensure cargo is deployed as conveniently and timely as possible for our customers. Our best-in-class hardware and superior technical teams work in harmony to ensure that when deadlines, care and efficiency are so critical to the success of our customer projects, we always deliver.

Our fleet of multipurpose vessels offers an efficient lift on / lift off facility – either from wharf or water – harnessing modern heavy-lift cranes, lashing and stowage equipment. On-board, these vessels feature optimum deck space whilst, on-land, our operations are monitored by a global network of technical and commercial professionals. We are extremely proud that, whether luxury yachts or commercial craft, shippers and/or consignees around the world repeatedly entrust their valuable cargo to AAL.

The stowage, securing and transport of extremely heavy and outsized rolling stock and gigantic cranes is a delicate operation and takes precision and control – to guarantee the safest possible transit of cargo, vessel and crew. Our expertise in this sector, coupled with our fleet’s adjustable holds configuration and the sheer amount of deck-space, help to underscore our position as ‘carrier of choice’ for our growing customer base.

Our fleet of highly versatile multipurpose vessels feature elements carefully designed with bulk cargo in mind. These include large, convenient and hatchway-accessed box holds – equipped with appropriate dehumidifiers – that can accommodate a wide variety of bulk commodities in granular and particulate form. By providing Liner, Semi-Liner and Tramp & Projects services, we have the capacity to tailor-make single sailing and long term engagement solutions to fit our customer requirements.


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