Dear Colleague/s

We would like to draw your attention to the growing risk of online scams and other cyber and email security threats that have affected many organisations.

Recent scamming activity has involved fraudulent requests to change bank account details of suppliers/creditors, thereby redirecting payments to criminals and not to the intended recipient.

Such crimes harness electronic media channels but are not just an IT matter and require awareness and vigilance at all levels to combat the potential risks involved. Our own staff are trained to be constantly on the look-out for scam attempts, and we encourage all our stakeholders to also learn to detect fraudulent emails and websites and be as vigilant as possible.

Please note that it is unlikely that AAL would change its bank account details. In the unlikely event that we would need to change either a beneficiary name or bank account details, we would adopt the following 2-step process:

1) Step 1: We would notify you of the bank account change by email; and

2) Step 2: We would ask you to contact AAL by telephone for verbal verification of the legitimacy of the account change notice.

We strongly recommend that you do not make any payments until you are fully satisfied that a bank account change notice is genuine.

In summary:

1) Please treat any bank account change notice as suspicious and take suitable precautions;

2) In the event of any suspicion, regarding an AAL transaction, please contact us by telephone;

3) Official AAL communication is always sent from; and we never use @gmail, @yahoo or other free email services.

Thank you for your kind attention.


AAL Management Team


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