January 14, 2022 Marketing


AAL Asia – Australia East-Coast & West-Coast Liner Services

Dear Customers,

AAL has been providing reliable and regular shipping services from Asia to Australia for over 25 years and is continuing to do so even today when opportunities to ship are getting rarer for our clients.

Unfortunately, due to the increasing terminal congestion in Australian ports AAL will need to start charging an ‘Australian Terminal Congestion Surcharge’ (ATCS) to partially recover the additional cost, as follows:

  • Breakbulk: AUD 15.00/RT
  • Containers: AUD 525.00/TEU

This ATCS will apply from following voyages and for all Australian discharge ports:

  • Australia East-Coast: AAL BANGKOK v.22001
  • Australia West-Coast: AAL FREMANTLE v.21009

We are monitoring the situation closely and will adjust the ATCS accordingly.


AAL Management Team